Lessons I have learned in the first year of my business going from a Therapist to Coach.

 Yes, $0 MONTHS to $10K MONTHS in 9 months is exciting, but that wasn’t all that happened.

 Well, the biggest one had to with not hiding anymore.

You see, I started out the business under ‘RELATIONSHIP TOUR GUIDE’. I wanted to work with women and support them in being loved, honored and adored every day. This was the vision I had for my business wayyy back when I met John (fyi, my hubby is john and my daughter is River), after several failed relationships I worked hard on myself, developed a system to find a great guy and here we are 10 years later still acting like newlyweds.

But after a while I realized what I wanted to explore with women was so much more, so much more. And so here we are today, coaching, mentoring, teaching women to BE BOLD IN LIFE AND IN BUSINESS, so they can fun the dream they have always had, they can make a difference in the world, they can sing their song, share their gifts and on and on.

There are many ways to launch a biz, the vision I had was an international coaching company so I could travel and speak and see clients. So the way I launched my with what is called a telesummit. This was a HUGE undertaking and most people would tell you NEVER to launch this way, but hey, I’m BOLD and I wanted to reach as many people as I could from all across the world. Some of you are still with me from the very first days, thank you.

Yippee, it was a success and I had a few clients.

I learned when I was doing DISCOVERY CALLS (these are calls where you speak with potential clients and help them figure out a strategy for their life/biz/relationship, I now call Big Bold Life & Biz Breakthrough Calls. I invite you to chat with me, complimentary, 30 mins. Let’s answer some of your fears, how-to’s etc.) that women are all the same.

We want to be acknowledged, be heard, be honored for our dreams, wants and desires. AND that many women are TRULY READY to do what it is going to take to have the life & biz they want. AND there are many women who are not ready. They are stuck in their fears. They are stuck in their excuses. They are stuck in thinking more about

WHERE THEY ARE RIGHT NOW, INSTEAD OF WHERE THEY WANT TO BE tomorrow, a week from now, a year from now and so on. I did some speaking, was interviewed on several radio shows, and written up in my local paper. All great ways that brought in fabulous women.

In June, I did another telesummit.

This one was moving toward the biz of today, yet it still was not on point. After this event, though I doubled my following, it still didn’t FEEL like the exact fit. So, instead of crying, instead of wondering, instead of wishing something would change, (cuz truly I have cried, I have had growing pains, I have questioned myself, I have worried people wouldn’t listen, I had to work on some of my being visible stuff, I was being normal but it still was a learning curve) I decided to invest in a high level coach. I was tired of trying to figure it out all by myself. I was tired of wondering if I was going in the right direction. I was tired of wasting freakin’ time. I wanted someone who could help me with a plan and call out my b.s. if needed. Just like I do with my clients.

But wait, I need to tell you I WAS SCARED first to tell John that I wanted to “change” my target market, change who I wanted to work with as clients. And saying scared is really not because he would think less of me, but because I realized the direction I wanted to go WAS THE REAL ONE!!

And if I CLAIMED IT TO BE THE REAL ONE, to the most important person in my life, then, shit, I had better make it work.   So I hired my coach. And whether you hire me or not, there are things you need to consider when working with someone—-Do they have a system? Accountability? Support? do they live the kind of life you want? do they have a vision for their own biz and life? Do they talk about it consistently?

For example, most of you do know that I am a mama, I am madly in love with my hubby, and I think women are powerful, more than they even know! And whether I talk about relationships, or money, or family, or clients, or programs or whatever, you get a sense that you know me. You know I am a straight talker and I get to the point because I want us ALL to stop wasting so much f’ing time spinning around with all of our mindset NOISE!

! I wanted to work with someone who was a mom working part-time and building an empire.

Because I want to work part-time and build an empire and work with POWERHOUSE women, women who are on the EDGE OF THEIR OWN EVOLUTION and ready to LEAP and be the Browine Leader, Home room mom, work out with my husband in the afternoon, take off when I want and need to etc.

After hiring her, I was able to hone my message and had my first 10K month. That may not sound like a lot to some people, but considering it is 9 months after I launched my biz it is fantastic. And now, one year later it is my norm. I have hit it again and then some. As to hiring, always hire up. I also learned that when you hire support staff who YOUR GUT is saying run away, but your head is saying, how bad can it be, well listen. (I will share this story another day, it had to do with hitting a money wall as I was upleveling, shocked me, but great lesson to pass on to YOU)

Why share my numbers? Because the message I am trying to convey to you is this, it DOES NOT HAVE TO TAKE YOU YEARS TO MAKE MONEY. And if it is, then there is something WRONG. Yes, SOMETHING WRONG. Can it be fixed? Probably. But if you are still not making money, you need help.

You need support. You need a coach.

You need someone to see what you can’t see, someone to help you get your CRAZY BIG dream for you biz & your life tightened up and packaged so you can make money. And as far as how much I have changed in my fees in one year…..I have increased my rate 3x’s and it is more than double what I started with.

Why tell you that? Because, as you become more confident in WHAT you are doing, HOW you are supporting your clients, WHEN you work, WHERE you focus your time, WHO you work with and WHY you are doing it….you will have a ton of people who WANT THAT! Clarity is the magical missing link soooooo many business owners, entrepreneurs, sales people and women are missing.

Clarity in your business is KEY. Well, is one of the keys. But in order to have clarity we must stop hiding. We must stop being in fear of others judgments. We must understand our own beliefs, thoughts and behaviors. You see, I officially launched my biz a year ago, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t do anything up until that point. I was actively being a student on biz building and internet marketing.

And I was actively hiding out. In this last year, I have learned not be to be terrified to take a stand for what I believe in. Because I learned, I am not special, other women feel the same way. And that was freeing.

That allowed me to be strong. When I got out of my own WAY, I was able to soar. What do I want to accomplish in the next year?

Double my income by working with more high powered, successful women who are ready to BE BOLD, EMRACE THEIR EVOLUTION, CLAIM THEIR WORTH, ADMIT THEY WANT MORE TIME AND MORE MONEY and are ready to do WHAT IT TAKES!! So much FUN!!!! I LOVE MY CLIENTS RIGHT NOW AND WANT 20 MORE JUST LIKE THEM!!!

Speak live all across the country and GLOBE at least 2x’s a month. (see I want to be able to see my dad in Vegas, my family in Maryland, take River to Paris etc. and HOW PERFECT is it to work a little while I travel—oh, the benefits of owing your own biz)

Have my marketing laid out for a whole year by December 1, 2014. (this is something I love doing with clients, it allows us to be so free with our time, though it can sound BIG at first, it is awesome)

Hire more support—I have a new VA, though I have a housekeeper I really want someone 2x week to clean AND do the laundry AND maybe a few easy meals, have a branding person who can work with my web guy and VA so I don’t have to deal with misc. techy, computer stuff ( it is not within my zone of genius)

Spend more time on self-care (work 4 days a week from 9-3)

Get a better system FOR EVERYTHING (systems + discipline = more money and more time)

Go to more events so I can not only meet more clients but make other girlfriends in the industry! Sometimes it feels lonely doing this kind of business.

That is a little of what I learned this year. T

the video goes into more detail, allows you to really get to know me, hear how I talk, see how I gesticulate,,,,,you know, as if we were sitting together over tea.

No more hiding. I am B.O.L.D. I am a Brave Outgoing Leader Determined to make a BIG difference and make BIG profit doing it.

Are you ready to be B.O.L.D.? And if not now, then when???????? Take a chance on yourself for God’s sake!! Schedule a call with me and let’s see if there is a place for you to BURST through where you are today so YOU can hit the next level in your LIFE & BIZ!!