Make More Money by Working Less.

Is this even “allowed?”

What comes up for you at the thought of it?
More coffee dates with friends?
More hikes on a blustery fall day?
More time to sleep?

More stress?
More anxiety?
More worry?

Some women find the idea of working less and making more BUMPING UP against all kinds of rules they believe they need to follow.

Well, no more!

We live in an age when a woman biz owner and entrepreneur is truly able to make more and have more time.

Why not you?

For me, working 3 days a week and being able to enjoy 5 figure months….  freeing.

But, it took some mind shifting for this.

Programmed as I was with the concept of ” you gotta work hard to get a head.”  And that meant,  working all day, overtime and weekends.

It took a little time to make the MENTAL SHIFT.

You can still “work hard” during your 3 days. You still may have to put in a little extra time here and there.

But you can change your DEFINITION of what “working hard” means.


  1. Identify what it means for YOU to work less. Identify what it would mean for YOU to make more. Get crystal CLEAR on how this weird impact your life! This is a must. Write 25 reasons YOU want to work less & make more. Design a lifestyle that would bring you joy, allow you to serve your purpose, take care of yourself…..basically, write down what YOUR perfect life would look like.
  2.  Charge more for your services. Yes, increase your prices. One simple rule of thumb is after every 5 clients, increase you price. You can determine by how much, but increase them.
  3. Release clients that are not your ideal ones. Have you ever had people you take on as clients and perhaps they are boarding on the fence of great candidates for actually doing the work? You took them on even when you gut said “pass.” You have to release them, because taking them on is continuing the “lack” mentality and you will never make more with lack. Plus, you want to make room for people who energize your biz.
  4. Bundle your services. This is a big challenge for most business owners. They are stuck in the hours for dollars philosophy. Part of the reason for this is because we are not taught how to “package our services.” Think about it, when we get a regular ole job, someone tells us how much they will pay us. When we have have our biz we must give VALUE to our work. This is a challenge.
  5. Work with several clients at once in a program or group. You can put all of your expertise into the group, have numerous clients participate. The group can be less than what your private client fee is but you will still be making more overall and spending less time—all while delivering excellent information and supporting your clients.

So go out, put these 5 practices into place and make more! work less! and enjoy a lifestyle that you deeply desire.

Isn’t this why you own your own business? To be


Jim rohn money

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