Do you indulge?

You know, allow yourself to receive a little pleasure?

Do you take the time to do something YUMMY for yourself?

Part of being a successful business woman is not to restrict yourself. To celebrate your wins. To open up to receive. To take great care and give to you.

When you are feeling better about you (and you know this to be true) you will have great success.

When you feel beautiful, you radiate confidence.

When you indulge, you feel special.

And this is what life is about, isn’t it?

Feeling beautiful, confident, successful and special.

We want this for others, so we must first give it to ourselves.

How much “should” you indulge?

How long “should” you allow yourself to indulge?

Let’s ask a better question—-when was the last time you indulged in anything?


We give and give and give. And we must learn to receive.


When we are in that constant DOING stage, we forget about the RECEIVING we need to have as women.

We need the space to allow ourselves to receive, relax, restore, and rejuvenate. And when we do this we are refreshed.

So yes, receiving is indulging.

And you deserve it.

You need it.

You are going to be MORE because of it.

You are going to EXCEL because of it.

You are going to DELIGHT because of it.

You are going to RECONNECT with YOU because of it.

It is when we are disconnected from who we are that life feels unsatisfying. Or we feel distant from everyone, most importantly ourselves. Or we feel lost. Or we feel overwhelmed.

It’s YOUR time to INDULGE. Giving yourself all kinds of delicious gifts you may not even know you wanted and needed.


10 Ideas To Start NOW!

  1. Pull out the good china and silver and use it EVERY DAY (why are you waiting for company?)
  2. Book a complete spa day (call today, yes, right now)
  3. Sleep in (ask the hubby to do breakfast for the kiddos)
  4. Go to the most expensive restaurant in your town for Sunday Brunch (allow someone to wait on you)
  5. Fill your office, bedroom and bath with flowers (Orange is cheery)
  6. Make love and then nap (yes, in the middle of the day, shades up)
  7. Do nothing (hit a book store, grab some tea, take a walk…NOTHING ON YOUR TO DO LIST)
  8. Relax, Read and Meditate (allow yourself to be STILL)
  9. Shop for sexy new shoes (you can wear them just for YOU–lover or not)
  10. Make up your own….and start an I LOVE INDULGING list and share it with your friends. The more we demonstrate loving ourselves, the more we will allow ourselves to HAVE IT ALL, UNAPOLOGETICALLY.

orange flowers indulge

What will you remind yourself about indulging?


You are worth it.

You are confident.

You create your reality.

You are powerful.

You are in love with YOU.

Are you still feeling trapped between wanting to ALLOW yourself to indulge and feeling GUILTY because of what you are told you should do/be?  Click Here: To book a call with me to find out how you can have the life & biz you truly want!