Average: Does this describe you? If so, 3 tips to change this FAST….

Good enough.
Settling down.
Do you use these words to describe who you are, how you are feeling or what you want to do?

Have you seen the new GNC commercial?

If you haven’t it is a must see!!!-watch it at the end of this post—

Now granted, they are selling weight loss for GNC, and that is not my message, but the BEAT AVERAGE message is—note my tag line–mediocre is OUT extraordinary is IN…

Mediocre is actually a synonym for AVERAGE….yuck.


Kick in the ass isn’t it!

The voice in your head telling you it is OKAY TO BE AVERAGE.
It is okay to skip DOING the things you know you NEED TO DO to HAVE WHAT YOU WANT.

Which of the examples got your stomach churning the most?

Sleeping in missing your work out.
The donut holes??
The ‘MOSEY‘??


What about this line in the commercial “need an excuse, average has them all?”

Do you live in average?
Do you live in the NO EXCUSE ZONE?

What has happened with all this talk about YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH, or EVERYTHING IS FINE, or I’M OKAY?


Taking a stand here for good enough is NOT.
Okay is NOT.
Fine is NOT.

Average is AVERAGE, and you can BEAT IT.

IT is not about not loving yourself, it is not about comparing, it is about YOU being the most EXTRAORDINARY YOU that you can be during this one tiny blip in time.


We don’t have to compare ourselves to others definitions!

We get to choose our own!

So if you get to choose your own wants, needs and desires so they are EXTRAORDINARY FOR YOU, why don’t you?


1. Allow yourself to DREAM big, bold dreams.

Have you forgotten how to dream? Has life gotten in the way of even thinking you could dream of something more? Remember when you were little and you believed you could do everything, could have anything?
Where did she go?
That little girl?
That big believer?

Take a little time preferably in the morning or right before bed and get a your journal and ask yourself—-“Self, what have I forgotten that I wanted at one time?” Sometimes we forget because the thought of HOW to get what we wants seems TOO HARD, TOO unattainable. Gift yourself permission. AVERAGE PEOPLE ARE PEOPLE WHO GAVE UP ON A DREAM.


2. Shed the fear, excuses, reasons why you don’t have, are there yet, can’t do it……etc.

We have so many BLIND SPOTS that get in the way of seeing how extraordinary our lives could be.

Fear is one of them.

Fear of what others will think. Fear of the HOW CAN I DO IT. Fear of what you may lose if you do live out your brilliance. Fear of what you may gain. Reasons why it won’t work. Fear breeds excuses. Once you know what you are doing to protect yourself, that action becomes an excuse as to why you are not getting what you want. What are your top fears? Write them out in detail, yes, the worst case scenario. Then get your recorder or your video out and record them. Play it back. Listen. Give it a voice, get it out of your head. Does it sound like reality, or does it just sound like a beautiful woman who doesn’t know the HOW?


3. Create a plan.

Your plan has to be specific. So many times women do not have an actually: 1. step one, 2. step two, 3. step three. If you do not have a plan, a clear plan YOU WILL NOT achieve you dream. AVERAGE PEOPLE DO NOT PLAN or have GOALS. If you do not know the how, reach out. You can’t climb a mountain, go on vacation, bake a cake, build a house, lose 10 pounds without plan–so why would you think you could make more money, find the love of your life, create a rockin’ hot business–without a plan?? —In the book, What they don’t teach you at Harvard Business School by Mark McCormack shares info about the 1979 study tracking students who wrote out their goals. Those who did (3%) made more and considered their lives ABOVE AVERAGE and their finances backed that up.—–

Reach out to a mentor, a coach or someone who can support you overcoming the fear, beating AVERAGE, creating a plan, dreaming bigger and bolder!
If you want to beat average, you have to make a new choice.
You want to have a simple answer, there it is…choose differently.
You have more power than you know to make a change.

You have the power to beat average and have extraordinary.
You CAN change.

You are extraordinary, you just forgot.

Here’s the commercial: (click the image)

beat average

I believe in you!

Remember, this is your turn to have EXTRAORDINARY.


What are YOU going to do TODAY to be EXTRAORDINARY?? Leave your comment below: