Recently, I was talking to someone who mentioned she was stuck.

She was stuck for three (3) years.

She didn’t know how to get out of her stuckness.

She wanted out.

She wanted to move on, but she was—


She felt stuck with her business.

That lead to feeling stuck with her relationship.

Which connected to her sense of self-worth and confidence.


Her feet where in cement she said.

Her mind was on REPLAY.

She recognized she was—




Have you ever felt that way?

Waiting for the next thing, wanting the next thing, feeling the next thing, but you were




Well, first let’s just tell it like it is.

Getting STUCK—SUCKS, right?

Here is how to get UN-STUCK…

First you have to DREAM again.

Remember that? Dreaming.

You probably forgot because you had dreams at one time and they didn’t come true, or someone told you, “who the hell are you to have dreams that big, bold and extraordinary?”, or you forgot your dreams, or thought you couldn’t/shouldn’t change your dreams or you compare your dream with Sally Sue down the street.

You get the picture don’tcha?

Dream again.

Who were you once upon a time when you dreamed? You know, not the one your mama, preacher, or teacher told you that you should be. Where did she go? Do you miss her?

How can you reconnect with that part of yourself?

Close your eyes, remember.

What did she want to do?

Who did she want to be?


Second, you have got to plan it out-or SET A GOAL

Why are you fine planning everyone else’s life, but not your own?

Why is it okay to schedule in time to take your kids somewhere, do your laundry, grocery shop and blah, blah, but not okay to DEDICATE TIME to the planning of your dreams?

This is actually the easy part (unless you are bogged down in on the mental/psychological/mindset stuff, then you need to call me).

Planning is freeing.

Planning is taking personal responsibility.

Personal responsibility is FREEDOM.

Let me repeat.

Personal responsibility is FREEDOM.

When we give our personal responsibility (AKA our power) away, we are owned by everyone around us, yes, we are the slaves of those around us.

Truth must be spoken.

When YOU give away your power, your personal responsibility, you are holding your hands out ready to be shackled.

Oh, is that too much?

Is that too shocking?

Is this too harsh?

Though, that is not the intention to be harsh, the intention is to lovingly shake you and say, ‘DEAR SISTER GIRLFRIEND, I am taking a stand for YOU to have the life YOU want.”


Thirdly, DO IT.

Yes, there is action involved in creating the extraordinary life, love and career you want.

No sitting around with your finger in your belly button hoping, wishing and praying (though prayer/meditation is important!) somehow-someway “IT” will come along.

IT being your DREAM!

Dream it.

Plan it.

Do it.


And repeat.

You are allowed to modify your dream.

Dream big. Dream BOLD. Dream so big the fear of NOT getting it farrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr out weighs the fear of what the hell you have to do to get it!

I believe in YOU!


If you just can’t figure out the first step, no worries, I can help you!

Just call me….