Can you believe it is the middle of JULY?? Time is slipping by fast. Wait, did I just say that? I try not to focus on that, I try to focus on all the pleasures of life.
Last week I told you about going away with another family for the first time. And I am happy to say, all went great!
Interesting though. I am glad we said YES to going.
My friend is not quite as adventurous as I am. We were able to climb to some beautiful spots and I was first in line to stand on the edge.
I could truly feel THE POWER OF YES to this simple pleasure!
Where is your edge?
Paulina Peak
What do you enjoy doing that may push you, or may not be what others around you think is the right thing? Do you say YES to these simple pleasures of going for it?
 me paulina

When was the last time you got how vital it is to say YES?

Do you feel the POWER in it? Come on, put your hands up! Pump your fists and say YES!

How often do you do that for your simple pleasures? Do you give yourself simple pleasures or are you too busy?

In the days of too many things on your list, too many people you have to satisfy, too much of this and too much of that….we forget the power of saying yes to ourselves to enjoy the simple pleasures in life.

Here is a simple tool to help you put this into practice today!
yesto simple pleasures




My list of simple pleasures is going to be long!  I am going for 500—yeah, I really want to be more aware of all of the freaking amazing simple pleasures in my life. Because I am like YOU, I have those busy days I might lose touch with taking care of myself. Yes, few and far between, yes my bounce back rate is quicker than in years gone by, but still I am a woman!

Here’s a start of some of my simple pleasures!

  1. flowers in my office
  2. HALLOWEEN! dressing up and hangin’ with my man
  3. a good book (currently I am reading A Joseph Campbell Companion)
  4. morning snuggles with River
  5. grocery shopping–several times a week
  6. farmers market
  7. mindless humor
  8. comedians (have you listened to Jim Gaffigan???!! Let me know what you think)
  9. new shoes
  10. 3 hummingbird feeders around my home (Thank you John!)
  11. burgers with peanut butter (yeah, sound horrible, gonna eat one today)
  12. waterfall hikes
  13. GOING FOR IT! even when I am scared

Okay, that is my start….I will keep going! in my journal

What are some of your favorite pleasures?

What are some of the ways YOU say feel the POWER OF YES to yourself??