I gotta say–OH MY GOD!

Last night I went to Cher’s DRESSED TO KILL concert, here in Portland.

She blew me away.

First, let me share a little about her opening act, Cyndi Lauper.

Cyndi Lauper Portland


I was magically whisked away to my late teens, early twenties. And as I sang along with almost 20 thousand other people, I remembered all the hopes and dreams I had.

And as I looked around at people who looked so much older than me (oh my god do I look like that?), I realized we were all there to taste the sweetness of our youth. We all wanted to be reminded we were young and alive, even though the songs were being performed by a woman who is 61 years old!

I think I will add the following songs to my phone. I want to be reminded who I was so I can relish in delight of who I have become.

“Girls Just Want To Have Fun”

“Money Changes Everything”

“True Colors”

“…So don’t be afraid to let them show
Your true colors
True colors are beautiful,
Like a rainbow.”

(I think I am going to play this for my daughter, River. I always want her to know her true colors are beautiful.)

Chokes me up even now.



Here are a few lessons I learned from CHER.

  1. Go for your dreams, even if you don’t always fit in. She shared the story of she accomplished everything she set out to do, but how even with the Oscar “actors” didn’t see her as an actor. And winning awards for singing & music, other musicians didn’t fully see her in their camp because she is also an actor. She said she didn’t really fit into any one group.
  2. If I want to be kicking it at 68 (my mom is 68, but she wasn’t on stage last night, she was in her recliner), I better get my ass to the gym more often.
  3. When you do something—GO BIG AND BE BOLD. (well I have this already as a way of thinking, but DAMMMMNNNN I am going to rethink it!)
  4. Love the people you serve. I already feel this way about YOU out there in the world! But Cher was so incredible, so connected to the audience. It was as though there was only me. The young girl sitting on the floor in front of the t.v. watching her like I did on the Sony & Cher show.
  5. Go out with a BANG! Here final song “I HOPE YOU FIND IT” was sung with her being carried over the crowd!

cher in concert

Well, that was my night last night. Oh, and I went by myself. We had to jump on the tickets and I decided I wanted to go alone. It felt just right to be walking down memory lane with just me. Sometimes I prefer to just hang by myself, lost in my own thoughts, feelings and memories.

Tonight, John and I are going to see http://www.blitzentrapper.net/

It will be a completely different vibe! I can’t wait. I love date night.


Share below a concert you would love to see and what memories it would bring up for you…

Be Bold,