Do you believe me?

Fear is the key to EVERYTHING?

Fear of what you can do…

Fear of what you can’t do…

Fear of what you could become…

Fear of what you haven’t become…

Fear of failure…

Fear of success…

and on and on and on….

My question for you, how beautiful is your key?

What if you embraced the fear and said F’IT, and walked through the fear…

No more being squeamish.

No more being paralyzed.

No more being concerned with others judgement of you.

No more…

You are deciding TODAY to say F’IT!

You have this one life and you are going to look at your fear like it is the beautiful key to EVERYTHING.

The following has haunted me for years with its brutal honesty. (Women and Nature Excerpt)

Susan Griffin wrote:

The old woman who was wicked in her honesty asked questions of her mirror. When she was small she asked, “Why am I afraid of the dark? Why do I feel I will be devoured?” And her mirror answered, “Because you have reason to fear. You are small and you might be devoured. Because you are nothing but a shadow, a wisp, a seed, and you might be lost in the dark.” And so she became large. Too large for devouring. From that tiny seed of a self a mighty form grew and now it was she who cast shadows. But after a while she came to the mirror again and asked. ‘Why am I afraid of my bigness?” And the mirror answered, “Because you are big. There is no disputing who you are. And it is not easy for you to hide.” And so she began to stop hiding. She announced her presence. She even took joy in it. But still, when she looked in her mirror she saw herself and was frightened, and she asked the mirror why. “Because, the mirror said, “no one else sees what you see, no one else can tell you if what you see is true.” So after that she decided to believe her own eyes. Once when she felt herself growing older, she said to the mirror, “Why am I afraid of birthdays?” “Because,” the mirror said, “there is something you have always wanted to do which you have been afraid of doing and you know time is running out.” And she ran from the mirror as quickly as she could because she knew in that moment she was not afraid and she wanted to seize the time. Over time, she and her mirror became friends, and the mirror would weep for her in compassion when her fears were real. Finally, her reflection asked her, ”What do you still fear?” And the old woman answered, “I still fear death. I still fear change.” And her mirror agreed. ”Yes, they are frightening. Death is a closed door,” the mirror flourished, “and change is a door hanging open.”

“Yes, but fear is a key,” laughed the wicked old woman, “and we still have our fears.” She smiled.


Today is your day.

Be Bold.

Choose in this moment to have an EXTRAORDINARY life!


Release the fear, or hold it tight because it is beautiful.

Allow it to unlock your life, your freedom, you wants and desires!

You are responsible for recognizing what your mind is doing, lying to you with fear or using the fear to set you free.

You get to choose.

You get to make the decision.

Remember–mediocre is OUT, EXTRAORDINARY IS IN.

Be BOLD. I believe in you!