My lesson in mediocre is out, extraordinary is in.
John went in for a “routine” medical procedure the other day. The doctor is all went well, John felt okay. And all was fine until 4 a.m. in the morning when I was awakened by him stumbling around the room in pain.
Have you ever had your heart stop? Or maybe then race, nearly out of your chest?
He was shaking violently, complaining about pain in his abdomen. Could be they have perforated something? Infection? Internal bleeding?
I called the on call aftercare person, who called the doctor, who then called me and instructed me to take him to the Emergency Room.
He was none to happy.
“It will pass,” he said. “Get in the car,” said I.
Going into River’s room to wake her up was eerie. She was disoriented, and I told her we needed to take daddy to the hospital and I just need her to get dressed quietly and
let me concentrate on what is going on.
We get there, tests are taken, time passes, and nothing.
He is fine.
They don’t know what it was.
Four hours later, home, River to school, clients for me, business meeting and home.
Tired. So tired.
Those are the moments when you have to ask yourself.
What am I doing in this life? It can be gone in a moment.
How am I treating him? River? Myself? The people around me? My clients? My friends?
Are you living the life you truly want?
Are you living life to the fullest?
Are the relationships in your life robust or rotten?
Are you allowing yourself to have the time to live out what you desire?
More love, more time and more money, why not extraordinary?
I decided on my new tag lineMEDIOCRE IS OUT, EXTRAORDINARY IS IN’
While yes, I believe in making all of our relationships extraordinary, I want to draw a line in the sand and declare it–MEDIOCRE IS OUT.
So right now, I am really looking at what if anything is mediocre in my life. And cleaning it out!
Or another way of saying it, what do I look at in my life and say it is OKAY?
Okay and mediocre are the same.
Your action step is to catch yourself saying, “it’s okay” and every time you do, CHANGE IT, find a way to make it EXTRAORDINARY!
What is in your way? What can’t you see stopping you from having it all?
Reach out, take a chance and call me.
I believe in you!
Love in all ways,