Why does self-compassion have to be a key in having more love, more time and more money?

There is a compounding effect self-compassion has, just as self-hatred has.

Isn’t self-compassion all about feeling self-pity? No.

When we are compassionate to another human being, we are gentle and kind. We are able to provide sympathy and empathy.
Women have historically not practiced this for themselves.

Instead, that inner meany voice is the one they hear when something goes wrong, or they say something that is off, or something happens to make them feel like a failure.

The need for self-compassion is so critical because it allows us to not feel alone, understand others have these same experiences, de-systematizes the sense of our individual faults, stops anxiety and depression and makes us communicate in a warmer more present way.

By allowing for all of these things, we are able to have more love, more time and more money, easily.

Where is it, today, this very moment, you can acknowledge you have not been compassionate with yourself?

With others?

Write them out. Without judgment.

Look at them. When you see the words written in black and white, what feelings come up?

Where is the seed of compassion? Can you see it?

How can you embody this feeling and transform into a deeper level of self-compassion?

What is on the other side of self-compassion?

Compassion for others?

Is your fear of being vulnerable holding you back?

Are you less than self-compassionate behavior an old way of protecting your feelings?

Is it serving you any longer?




You have the power of your mind.

Your thinking is what changes how you feel.

You can decide, right now, in this moment.

You deserve amazing relationships, more time, more love, more money and living a life EXTRAORDINARY!

Love to you,