Life is going great over here! Our trip to New York was fabulous! I met a few of your there and thank you for coming out to meet me in person! How fun was that?

As you know, I went away over my birthday and my 10 year self-care anniversary. Having a whole decade to look back over, I had many thoughts about how I have grown, need to grow more, cared for myself, faltered, cheered for me, didn’t cheer for me and finally, the revelation of the next step in my self-love, self-care journey.

We were in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Armor Room, when I had a big AHA moment. I realized I had lived much of my life with a self imposed set of armor. Of course, I had the armor on for protection from what ever “bad” may happen to me.

As I was reading the descriptions of some of the armor at the museum I noted the actual weight, some up to 75 or more pound. The very thing that was protecting them, was also something that could be a hindrance.

And I realized that is what has happened to me. I had been wearing armor by not being as fully open with everyone as I could have been, by not saying YES more to life, by keeping myself safe and protected. And the weight of it is exhausting.

I no longer need the armor for fear of trauma, I have done all of my mental, emotional and spiritual work. I am no longer in bodily danger.

Oh, how amazing to set the armor down. I feel lighter, I feel excited about all of the possibilities in my life like I never have before!

How much is your does your emotional armor weigh? Do you still need it?

So more self-love, more self-care, more saying YES, more fun, more love, more time, more money, more freedom has all come to me since I released this and will only continue! I allow myself to receive without worry! No more missing out on a thing!

What more could you have open up to you?

Much love,