This is the time of year to Spring Clean!

Actually, cleaning on a regular basis is the best, and deep cleaning seasonally really is the way to go.

Spring Clean Your Thinking: How to Change Your Thinking

Have you ever thought about how to change your thinking?

Or why even bother to change your thinking?

You are so powerful. You have the ability to create the life you want, the love you want and the time you want.

Sometimes we need to get rid of all the clutter.

Have you ever looked in your closet and realized there were worn out clothes, wrong sizes, new with tags and things you just didn’t need to hold onto anymore?

You keep them in the hopes that the magical “one day” will come so you can take them out and feel good in them.

Does this ever really work? Sometimes we just buy just to fill a hole, sometimes we just hold on because to release feels scary.

Sometimes we need to spring clean to make room for the new.

It is the same with our thinking.

We can easily get into the same old patterns and create the same old outcomes.

And isn’t that refreshing to know.Once we really understand how powerful we are, how amazing our thinking is and how we manifest everything that is before us, we can have a new thought.You are your own lover and your own enemy.

Your self-worth is what has grown from your thinking.

Your self-love is demonstrated by your thinking.

You want more of everything? That is the case for most people.

More love.

More time.

More money.

When you have more, you can give more.

The only way to have more is to release, make space, clean out, de-clutter and to change your thinking.


Action Steps: How to change your thinking.

1. Sit quietly and ask for guidance on what you need to release.

2. In the physical, actually do some cleaning. Go for a closet or your kitchen drawers. Make space.

3. What in your thinking needs to be scrubbed? What words do you use to describe yourself? Your life? Your love? Your time? Your money? Your business?

4. What is painful within those thoughts?

5. How would you feel if you released even one?

6. What would that open up to allow to come in? What new thought, loving thought could you give to yourself?

7. Write it down. Put it somewhere you can see it.

8. Have a daily practice of thinking your new thought. Allow yourself to feel into the new thought. Ask for universal support.

9. Do it again. Release more.

The more you release of the old and worn out, the more of everything good you can allow in.

Make this a quarterly ritual, at the very least. Set a time now on your calendar to make this a practice in your life. You deserve more of everything you desire.

Allow for these new patterns to sink in. You can change your thinking so you can have that life that is calling to you within.

Happy Spring Cleaning!


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