Wayne Dyer, a student of Ernest Holmes, shared the famous quote, “Change your thinking, change your life.” Dr. Terry Cole-Whittaker shared something else valuable I want you to hear in the video below.

So if changing our thinking does this great thing of changing our life, why is it when we go about the act of changing our minds we sometimes DOUBT?

Do you make yourself wrong for changing your mind?

You know what I mean when I say “make yourself wrong?”

The guilt.

The wondering.

The questioning.

The worrying.

The sabotage.

The this.

The that.

What if you were not wrong for changing your mind?

What if you celebrated changing your mind?

And saw it as growth?


Action Step:

1. Name 3 times you have changed your mind and it WORKED OUT.

2. Honor yourself, yes, right now.

3. Think of 3 times you WISH you would have changed your mind after you had new information.

4. Identify what held you back?

Keep evolving, keep changing your mind!

To your extraordinary relationships,