Oh, Christmas morning!


I was awakened by River, who is seven years old, as she ran through the house yelling, “He came, he came, there are presents!!”

I nudged John to get up, I made my way to the kitchen for coffee and discovered it had not gone off yet.

I looked at the clock and discovered it read 3:42 A.M.!!!

Well, we went back to bed for a few more hours and started again with the sounds of happiness.


Can I tell you something?


I was feeling kinda sad yesterday. I realized my relationship with my daughter will be changing soon. She will probably not have the same reaction next year.

How do you handle feeling sad about changes within your relationships? How do you allow yourself to feel into your own evolution, or the evolution of those you love?


To tell you the truth, I try to accept that things change. Relationships evolve. With each stage there is something new to learn. It can be a challenge for me.

It is the same with River as it is with John as far as trying to see the evolution of the relationship, and not be blind sided by the shift.

I have been working on BLISS talk “how to’s” with River, so we can express our feelings, get our needs met AND ask for behavior changes.

Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.

Happens with John as well. We have been together over nine years and STILL need to practice being conscious with our talk, communication, love etc.


Do you know, evolution requires courage?

Do you know, evolution requires bravery?


Being someone who takes a stand for women to have bolder, better and more amazing relationships in their personal and professional lives, I want to let you know, you are not alone with how you are feeling.

When you wonder or question what is going on, and you need to have courage to evaluate and maybe CHANGE something going on within your relationships, it is okay to allow yourself to feel a little afraid.


Evolution is change, and change can be a challenge.

Evolution is change, and change can be supremely rewarding!


So here is to your evolution.

Here is to you honoring your feelings and your courage! Here is how to allow yourself to feel into your own evolution.



  1. List one time in your life where you felt, and I mean actually felt with your MIND, BODY and SOUL your very own sense of YOU evolving. What did it feel like? What did your mind tell you about the situation? How did this affect your body? What did you or did you NOT listen to when the quiet voice of your soul spoke to you about this?
  2. What can you do today to re-write that feeling, that story if it was scary? Or uncomfortable?
  3. Do it. Complete with closing your eyes, hearing your mind chatter, feeling the sensations of your body AND THEN, listen to the quiet knowing, your inner voice….
  4. How do you feel? Can you allow yourself to feel into the evolution?
  5. Embrace yourself, yes, literally hug yourself. AND tell yourself, you are proud of you!