I could have let fear rob me…

What a great response to my announcement of making some changes to the message I send out.


I have to tell you, going from “just” teaching and coaching about love relationships to expanding to all relationships, both personal and professional, is fabulous.


Lately, business women and entrepreneurs are seeking me out to GO BIG! with their message! BE BOLD with their ideas, and RELEASING THEIR FEARS.


Fears hit us sometimes by surprise, right?




Some of my fears of late could sound CRAZY to another person. Have you ever thought that?


You know what I mean.

The thought of what if you are found out, what if you can’t really do whatever it is you desire/need to, what if you fail, what if, what if, what if…..


Women are so strong and they don’t always see it and believe it.


That is my biggest fear!!


I fear the world will not get to hear all of the messages women are too afraid to speak.

I fear the world will lose out on great ideas, amazing visions, love, candor and passion!


I fear women are too afraid to actually open up so they can experience life to the fullest, so they can have the love of their lives, the business or profession they desire, the family and kids they yearn for and

I fear, deeply fear,

many, many women will just not do what they are here to do

and they will have deep



You see, I know that fear because I used to have it.

It was the kind of fear that clung to me like fog on a fall day.

I couldn’t escape it.

Fog on Mt. St. Helen's

Fog on Mt. St. Helen’s


I feared speaking out because of other people’s judgment.

I feared being BIGGER, BOLD, BRAVER than my MOTHER! because she didn’t live out loud, I didn’t want to be too much of ME because somehow I thought that would make her less of her.

I feared no one would understand what I was talking about.

I feared if I was too successful, I wouldn’t be able to have an amazing love life or be a great mama.

I feared if I had a business that allowed me to be me, to make a great income and to truly support other women, that those women closest to me would leave me.

I feared thinking, I still haven’t lost these last few pounds, so who is going to listen to me share how to have a rockin’ life.


I also feared, if I didn’t sing my song, live my vision and be me to the fullest, then I would LITERALLY ROB my daughter, River, of the strong woman and mother she



You see, she inspires me to be better.

She inspires me to move through my fears so that I may teach her.

She inspires me to be a stand and a cheerleader for women to live FULL OUT, so she will know she can do it also.

She inspires me to shake my fears so I can HELP CHANGE THE WORLD FOR HER FUTURE and for the future of all the women I serve!

She inspires me to be a better woman.

river kissing mama

Typing these out, reading them and now actually saying them aloud, I see, feel and hear how small they were, those fears.


Action step:

Maybe if you take a chance to write out your fears, read them and then say them aloud, you too, will recognize how little power they have. Now is the season for deep reflection.


My deepest desire for you is that you take a chance on being a braver, bolder woman in your personal and professional life.


My deepest desire for you is for you to live the life that is yearning to be lived, the one that calls out to you, the giant within, for you take leap…



Happy Holidays!

Next week I will send you a video about love and relationships!


Until then,  BE BOLD…