Do you ever have those days when you are so busy you actually feel detached from your body? But keep going because that is the “right” thing to do?

Or what about when you see something you know is completely, utterly wrong?

Maybe you had a fight with your lover and just sat there, quiet?

Perhaps a client calls you all the time and you hate seeing their number on the phone, but pick up anyway.

Whose truth are you listening to?

And why are we too afraid to even answer that question?

Is it because we may lose a client?

Is it because our family will be mad at us?

Is it because we do not know what the outcome will be, so we sit in silence?


Why be quiet?

Do you ever even question ask yourself why you didn’t speak up?


(and this is a big AND….)

and….do you listen…

actually listen to YOU?

You know the kind of listening I mean, right?

The listening to that deep, clear, strong KNOWING part of you.

NOT to the voices…

Well, maybe you don’t have voices in your head.

You know, the crowd of voices , of “them” telling you right from wrong, left from right, this way from that way…

You know…telling you….THEIR TRUTH...

So, whose truth are YOU listening to?

Oh, how powerful and amazing your very own TRUTH is.

Today, choose to listen to your truth.

And then act on it.

Yes, embrace the unknown result!

Yes, embrace the OH SHIT NOW WHAT!

Yes, embrace honoring yourself!!

You will empower yourself in ways you are not even aware of, because you took a chance to listen to your own deep knowing.

You own TRUTH.

And when you feel afraid again, when you feel as though you really don’t know what to do next,

trust your TRUTH.

How to do this?

Create a beautiful ritual for yourself.

trust your truth

Find a quiet spot, or maybe take a delicious bath.

Light a candle.

Sip some tea.

Close your eyes and ask.

Ask your TRUTH to come forward and give you the answer.

It will.

It longs for this.

Try it.

To your amazing relationships,