Lately, I have been by women’s lack of self-worth.

It has been a painful witnessing.

What are you worth? Or do you feel worthy? How healthy is your self-worth? When is it your time?

Am I striking a cord?

You see when you can’t even understand how to answer this question, there in lies a big problem.

Self-worth is the deep knowing you are deserving, amazing, and needed in this world. It is an understanding what you have to share is so powerful, no one else will be able to convey the same message. It is giving to yourself, taking care of you just because you are here and you are human.

Self-esteem is when you know you are good at something. If you do not have self-worth, self-esteem is not very important.

So many women have great self-esteem. They are successful with their businesses, they follow through on their outside commitments, basically they look like they have it all together. They gain self-esteem from their ACTIONS and skills based on how they relate to society’s ideals.

Their actions with themselves and their lover tell a different story.

Those actions often tell of not having high SELF-WORTH

No matter how much money we make, or how big our offices are, when it comes down to coming FIRST IN OUR OWN LIVES, we still get stuck.

Recently, I was talking to someone who she had the realization she “wasn’t even on the list,” meaning the list of things to take care of!

Yep, gotcha. You do this, too. happy_healthy_woman

What are you worth? Meaning, how well do you take care of you, without guilt, without shame, without excuses, without worry of other’s judgement?

1. What do you do to take care of your physical body? Yoga, gym membership, organic? What do you invest there?

2. What do you do to take care of you mental health? Coach, therapist, mentor? What do you invest there?

3. What do you do to take care of you spiritual self? Meditate, spiritual retreats, beautiful flowers every week in your office? What do you invest there?

4. What do you do to pamper yourself? Housekeeper, mani/pedi, new seasonal wardrobe? What do you invest there?

5. What do you do to share your voice, your ideas, you thoughts and dreams? Your life’s work, your mission?



Now think of this, what is your esteem saying?

1. How well do you get your job done? Do you have a great results because you follow through.

2. How good are you at multi-tasking? Do you love scratching off your list?

3. What investment do you give to your job? Hours, not taking off for a sick child, taking work home etc.

4. How are you as a “wife”? Do his needs get met first? Does he get the bigger piece of steak, for example? Does he take ever Sunday to play golf and you haven’t been out with the girls in forever? Does he say he doesn’t want to BABYSIT his children?

When is it your time?

When do you get to finally be all of who you can be? When are you going to stop putting your thoughts, ideas and feelings aside for EVERYONE ELSE?

Today, I want you to claim something just for you.


Love yourself enough to follow through. Because you know, when you do not follow through you let yourself down, and doesn’t that feel horrible.

Do something wonderful for you, JUST BECAUSE YOU ARE YOU.

Start with something easy like:

1. Every Saturday yoga

2. Mani/pedi every Friday

3. Go to the movies by yourself or with a friend, in the middle of the day.

Then step up and hire more support to help you get over a hump in your life, and to help you have more free time.

1. Get a housekeeper so you aren’t cleaning toilets when you could be pampering yourself

2. Hire a babysitter every Friday and re-connect with your feminine self when you get all dressed for it

3. Invest in a mentor who can help you move through all your “stuff” quickly so you don’t waste any more of your life.

You time is now, stop wasting it by being stuck in a place of fear. It is okay to move out of fear and into your glory!

I always believe women have a giant waiting to burst forth, sometimes they just need someone to help them remember.

What are you going to do to demonstrate your self-worth TO YOU? When is your time?

I say, start right this moment!


I believe in YOU!



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