i AM magnificent

i AM magnificent

Life sometimes gets so damn busy, we forget who we are.

We forget how delightfully funny we can be, we forget how soft, lovely and full of ease we can be.

We nod off at the wheel of life and forget we are magnificent.

We forget we deserve to be loved, honored and adored every single day.

What happened?

Have you forgotten your own greatness? (Click here…it will help you remember)

Ruts can be a challenge to get out of, to crawl out of, to climb out of.

Have you ever let yourself down before?

I know I have.

You get into a bad habit of talking down to yourself. It spills over into other areas of your life.

Here is a gentle reminder to you, dear soul. You TEACH OTHERS HOW TO TREAT YOU.

Loving yourself is the best way to teach others how to love you the way in which is honest, whole and true.

In order to remember, to wake up and embrace our own greatness we must give ourselves PERMISSION.

Oh, so many times women say to me that feels selfish, they don’t have the time, or don’t want to invest in themselves.

You must do this.

You really must.

Life is short. You are here for a mission. You have gifts to give.

AND the world won’t see them if you have forgotten your own magnificence.

Can you feel that calling?

Can you feel the giant inside wanting to burst forth?

Do you have a desire waiting for you to give birth to it?

Are you a tight bud aching to blossom?

I say a grand YES!

I am taking a stand, this very day for YOU!

It's time to fully embrace yourself...and think YES this is ME UNAPOLOGETICALLY!Click To Tweet

Here are 3 ways to get back in touch with your divine greatness, your magnificence, even if you have forgotten.

  1. Create one small daily ritual. If you need permission to have a little time to tend to yourself daily, here it is, I am giving it to you. (One of my rituals is my afternoon coffee/tea time. I absolutely take this time to transition from my working self to my wifey/mama self)
  2. Daydream again. Take some time out to dream. Allow the visions, hopes and desires to bubble up. Breath life into them again. Maybe while you have your afternoon tea, maybe in the morning you journal, what about creating a vision board? (A vision board is where you pull pictures or sayings from a magazine or off the computer, put them on a piece of paper and put it somewhere you can see. Your subconscious will do the rest, helping draw to you your desires, look online soon for my newest one.)
  3. Get physical. Being just a busy floating head is unhealthy. When you become detached from you body and spirit, you are not whole. Have a bath, yoga, eat well, go for a walk in nature. Connect to your feminine energy. (I love buying new lotions or using my dry brush on my body. I get connected to it, I tend to it, to me.)



To your relationship with YOU,


Need a little more?

Have you ever had those moments when you realized…..maybe Good Enough or Fine…AREN’T.

Maybe you are tired of asking yourself…”When am I going to go for it?”

Maybe when you hear people so…”oh that’s good enough”….you think WHY?

Why settle?

Why not ask for more?

Good enough…you don’t want to be just good enough, not when you know INSIDE there is more.

And you know, the world has more to offer YOU


Here’s an invitation for you to be a part of something powerful.

To do the most important work of your life.

To fall in love with yourself.

To stop doubting the big, amazing, extraordinary dreams and abilities you have within.


Yes, I choose to fully embrace myself….UNAPOLOGETICALLY.

Yes, I choose to give MYSELF permission to want what I want….even if no one else understands.

Yes, I am ready to allow my inner GIANT to come out!

Yes, I DECLARE it….I am done with self-doubt!

Yes, I am taking CHARGE of who I am and what I want.

Yes, I will do the INNER work needed to SHIFT from good enough thinking to extraordinary thinking!

AND so much more!

Over the next 21 days you will receive DAILY inspiration in the way of: action steps, how-to’s, thinking prompts, videos, concrete methods to grow, cognitive behavioral insights….

This is your time to really get to know yourself.

To really fall in love with yourself.

To really take care of yourself…. maybe for the very first time!

You will also have a ONE HOUR DEEP dive, mind and life shifting coaching call with me. You will schedule this….ready for it…


Yes, a one (1) hour coaching call that will support you, anchoring in all of the teachings and to help you CLAIM your true desires.


Because this is not just some other program you purchase that will junk up your in box.

This program is one that will push you to examine yourself in new ways.

Your call with me will be after you have done some WORK, so that when we speak your questions will be better, your questions will be deeper, you will KNOW yourself on a different level and you will be OPEN to what will be uncovered during your coaching call.

You will:

BE AVAILABLE FOR the kind of soul searching or ass kicking or serious revelation or major aha that you will personally need.

Here is the link for payment:

One payment: $197.00


Yes, I have never done this before where I would give an hour of my coaching time for this investment, not to mention the program.

So if you have

a: ever wondered what working with me would be like, or

b. are ready to fall in love with yourself, or

c. ready to overcome what is holding you back or

d. ready to have extraordinary unapologetically…this is for you.

Remember, you will have your call after 10 days.

You will have the ACCOUNTABILITY of the program by booking your call after 10 days….and completing the questions I send you PRIOR to your call!

Yes, you will have to answer my questions so I know you are READY for this intensive coaching call!