Wanna change your life? Could it really be as simple as using these 2 words?

This post is going to be short and simple to emphasize the impact of short and simple.



I had the pleasure and honor to interview 12 relationship coaches/mentors/speakers/therapists recently for my 3-day Virtual Event, HOW TO KEEP LOVE FRESH, ALIVE and GROWING.

While I was listening as the host so I could be interactive, I was also listening as just me, Mary who loves John.

Do you know what I heard over and over?

It was to be in a place of gratitude, thankfulness.

Yes, it is hard sometimes when you are in the middle of your muckity muck, I get you!

BUT, one easy way to actually turn the tide, change the course of your relationship, lift you and your partner up, is to say, “Thank you.” Yes, 2 words.

Too simple?

I want to invite you to do this. Not sure how?

Check out this post I did a little while back ONE SIMPLE TECHNIQUE…

Sometimes simple is good.

Sometimes we just over think things.

Sometimes we just need a reminder to be polite again. I am sure you used to say thank you, especially in the beginning.

Sometimes we just need to give ourselves grace as well. Next time you do something nice for YOU, say thank you to yourself.

Sometimes we just need to remember, when we say THANK YOU to our partner, we are actually giving ourself a gift. Because we are claiming the good act, we are allowing ourselves to receive it. (thank you, Sonika Tinker)

Thank you for reading!

To your amazing relationships!


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