It’s always good to reminiscence isn’t’ it? So what is the point in new memories? Why you need them, is more important than you think.

If you were asked to tell the tale of how you met your beloved, you probably would be able to share all the details.

Looking back at the beginning of a relationship can be such fun. The problem lies in getting stuck in thinking about who you fell in love with, the guy from your past.

Sometimes the guy from the beginning of your relationship is not the same guy who is in your relationship now.

Life happens, and we change, him included.

Sometimes it is easy to compare what you used to have with what you have today.

But you know, in the beginning when things feel new, and seem fresh, sometimes, that equates to “better.”

Creating new memories is vital to keeping your relationship FRESH! That is why you need them.

New memories allow you to get back some of those butterflies, those knowing glances across the room, those subtle touches as he walks by and those deliciously sly smiles you get on your face in the middle of your normal everyday comings and goings.

3 ways to create NEW MEMORIES

  1. Make a plan. Often, women do not like the idea of adding another thing to do to their list. But let’s be real, MOST of the time if you don’t plan it, it will not get done. So plan a few new dates, plan a few new adventures, and do something new you have always wanted to do. Get some input from you man. Wouldn’t he be surprised if you created a new date ritual?
  2. Get sexy again. Did you leave the feeling of sexiness back with the old memories? How long has it been since you felt lusty, flirty and desirable? Buy some new clothes, get a new hair cut, turn the lights on while making love, get some candles, or whatever it is that flips your switch so your remember your sensual self. (You can be a MOM to your kids and SEXY to your husband, yes you can.)
  3. Start living in the today. Make it your mission to rediscover you lover. What new things are interesting to him? What new interests do you have? Are you living them out? Why not? Get out of your rut, turn off autopilot and put down your to do list. Bring something new to the table to talk about. Have a “no talking about the kids date.”

Being in love and having it stay fresh is vital to your life.

Here’s to silly grins, sly smiles, and shivers when he touches you.

To your amazing relationships,