Downtime equals self love.

How does this sound? What if I gave you the green light to go have some napping, nuzzling and honor you needing some down time?

Oh, isn’t it nice to have a lazy day? Can I share a secret? I love a lazy day. You know, there was a time I would feel so guilty indulging in being a bum. Do you go there? That landing spot in your brain called guilt?

Well, today is your LUCKY DAY! As your Relationship Tour Guide, I am going to give you PERMISSION to pull over to this nice, yummy location called: TAKE A BREAK.

I know, I know, I could almost hear you through the computer. Mary, you don’t understand I have, this and that and that and this…

And I am hear to say, I get it.

Lately I decided to jump on the band wagon called, ‘BE A GREAT ROLE MODEL FOR MY DAUGHTER’.

I am going to make this TAKE A BREAK detour very easy for you! When you give yourself permission to take CARE OF YOU,  a little self love, you are also giving your daughter permission to take care of herself. I mean think about it. Do you really want to give your daughter the message that she has to come last? That her duty as a wife, mother and WOMAN is to put her own well being last?

Isn’t this one of those messages you secretly, deeply wish your own mother had gifted you with?

It doesn’t have to be all the time. Could just be little snippets, coffee time, work out time, reality t.v. time or it could be a lazy Sunday afternoon falling asleep for 30 minutes on the sofa. If you need to say you will do this JUST so you have more energy to give, okay, that is true, but how about you TAKE A BREAK because you love YOU?

Oh girls, hear my heart. Pull over and TAKE A BREAK. I promise, the view is worth it.

To your amazing RELATIONSHIPS,