Every wish you had someone to climb life's mountains??Do you have great communication?

Can you hear me singing?? The photo is of John and me near the top of  Mt Saint Helens.

Yes, that is right! The mountain that blew its top off 20+ years ago.

Was it easy, no. Do I want to do it again, yes.

What is the lesson here? Let me tell you, the lesson is about COMMUNICATION!! My husband is the type of person who may leave out information that could be (read, definitely is to me), could be of benefit. For example, the boulders one has to climb over to get to the top are extremely sharp and as big as a mommy mini van. While that does not seem like a really huge problem, it does become a problem if the topic was something more important, say–money, sex, children, in-laws–you know the main topics couples fight over!

—-I am going to start a series dedicated to COMMUNICATION very soon. For now, you task is to start to take a mental note of how your man talks with you, how you respond, what ticks you off, what triggers him, and try to be AN OBSERVER. Be CURIOUS, not JUDGMENTAL.

Fortunately, we have worked out our communication guide, what works for us, what we need to REMEMBER to share with each other. It takes exploring one another’s pattern of behavior and sharing of ideas to really get to know how the other person thinks. I have gotten this whole system down pat! I’ll share more about it another day–

So I ask you, on this day after Valentine’s Day, do you wish you had someone to climb life’s mountains with? Check out my mini TOUR GUIDE to get some tips on how to find YOUR soul mate~